ArtSpace Gallery 63 Summer Street Maynard  MA

The ArtSpace Gallery welcomes (and can accommodate) large group exhibits. For those artists who are concerned about filling our large gallery with your work, please note that you may now submit proposals to be included in mini-solo exhibits which may include 2-4 smaller solo shows within one larger exhibit. (No Submission Fee.)



Proposals should be for group or solo exhibitions and present a coherent theme. The proposed exhibit should be based on a unifying concept that is social, historical, philosophical, cultural, political or other. The ArtSpace Gallery Committee may combine solo proposals creating 2 to 4 mini solo” shows in one large exhibit. Preference will be given to New England artists.


  • Quality of work
  • Clarity and coherence of concept
  • Ability of a1tist/curator to complete the project


The ArtSpace-Maynard Art Center houses 74 studio artists, the Acme Theater and the ArtSpace Gallery. The ArtSpace Gallery is one of the largest and best nonprofit exhibition spaces in Massachusetts. The gallery is very large (1800 sq. ft.) with 150 ft. of linear wall space and 16 ft. of built-in glass display cases. You are encouraged to view the space prior to submitting your proposal.  Gallery floor plans are available.


  • Order and mail post cards to their mailing lists.
  • Provide 1100 post cards to ArtSpace for mailing to ArtSpace mailing list Hang and remove exhibit.
  • Prepare an opening reception with refreshments on “ArtSpace Second Saturdays”(a combined exhibit reception and mini-open studios event on the second Saturday of each month from 5 pm-7pm.)
  • Saturday gallery sitting from 11 am-3pm is required by the artist or their designee.


  • Listing in Art New England, Artscope, local and regional media. Preparing and distributing press releases.  Mailing and postage to ArtSpace mailing list.
  • Gallery sitting Wednesdays through Fridays.
  • The gallery receives a thirty percent (30%) commission on the sale of artwork. but does not guarantee a sale your work.


  • May 15 Proposal Deadline (postmarked)
  • June 15 Notification

EXHIBITION DATES (approximately 4 weeks per exhibit)

  • September ’15 (ArtSpace artists annual group exhibit)
  • October ’15
  • November ‘ 15
  • December ’15
  • January ’16
  • February/March   ’16
  • March/April’ 16
  • May ‘ 16 (annual Maynard Public Schools Exhibit)
  • June/July ‘ 16


  1. A statement of concept and how each artist’s work relates to the concept. No more than 3 pages, total. 10copies are to be submitted.
  2. A CD with 6 – 10digital images for each artist from each artist labeled with dimensions. Please title each file with the artists’ names, titles and media. Images should be of work available for the proposed exhibit.
  3. A list of digital images that includes the names of each artist, titles, media, dimensions, and dates- numbered to correspond to images on CDs. 10 copies
  4. Resumes of artists included in the proposal. 10copies are to be submitted.
  5. The name, address, phone number and email of contact person
  6. SASE for return of CDs
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