Gwen Murphy – Clerk

Board Member Gwen is an enthusiastic member of the ArtSpace community. Since 2005, she has maintained a studio in the building, where she can be found most afternoons. Gwen has served on the Gallery Committee for many years, taking on the role of co-chair in 2020. She co-chaired the Grounds Art Committee from 2015-2018.

Gwen enjoys instigating creative challenges and community exhibits. Most recently, she and her studio-mates facilitated an art game they called The Box Project, in which forty-five ArtSpace artists joined them in a random exchange of cardboard boxes filled with interesting junk. From their box of junk, each artist produced a piece of art, and from this surprising collection of work the “Out of the Box 2020” exhibit was born. 

Earlier collaborations include a 2015 show at Gallery Seven based on the Surrealist drawing game known as Exquisite Corpse, as well as a three-person surrealist exhibit at ArtSpace in 2017 entitled “Three Exits.” In 2008 Gwen curated a group show called “Meet the Family,” comprising portraits of ArtSpace artists’ family members. 

Gwen received an MFA in sculpture from Boston University College of Fine Arts. She shows her work at galleries in Wellfleet, Ma., and Brattleboro, Vt. Her “Foot Fetish” series of shoes sculptures has been shown across the US and in Europe and Hong Kong.