A new exhibit features ArtSpace’s artists & leaders, at ArtSpace’s new gallery in Maynard’s Cultural District.

Artwork by Jennifer Maestre

Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

ArtSpace Staff, Board of Directors, Artist-In-Residence, Youth Leadership Arts Program Members, and Partners will feature artworks in all mediums. The exhibition runs May 12 through June 12, 2021, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, May 15, from 2-4 PMArtSpace’s New Satellite Gallery is located at 63 Nason Street, Maynard, MA.

April 28, 2021 – Maynard, Mass. “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” is a group exhibition by artists Raquel Bauman, Jerry Beck, Joel Bourgeois, Jason Daniels, Gail Erwin, Pam Goncalves, Tim Hess, Maro Hogan, Jennifer Maestre, Gwen Murphy, Zannah Noe, Dawne Osborne, Matt Sheehan, Anda Veverbrants and participants of ArtSpace’s Youth Leadership Arts Program.  This exhibition will present an eclectic collection of art at this new 1,000 square-foot satellite gallery, just two blocks away from ArtSpace Maynard’s main facility. The exhibit will include installation art, sculpture, video, painting, drawings, photography, and architecture.

ArtSpace folk artist and Facilities Manager Joel Bourgeois has created an installation of his whimsical miniature copper and mixed media sculptures. Dozens of them are presented in a ritualistic environment as if gems and three-dimensional hieroglyphics from an unknown civilization.

Artist-In-Residence and well-known sculptor Jennifer Maestre will feature her organic shapes of natural forms and animals created using hundreds of colored pencils as her primary material. Both dangerous-looking and harmonious, her work was inspired by creating a sea urchin-like container with a secret compartment containing a pearl.

Studio artist and Board member Gwen Murphy’s shoe sculptures have the fetish power to transport us into her surrealistic world of invention. Since childhood, Gwen saw shoes as containing personality and having facial expressions. Shoes seemed like a new species made entirely of pairs of identical twins.

Studio artist and Board member Gail Erwin’s work is about time and memory. Her intention is not to depict nature but to represent the sensations and memories it creates. The result looks at the mystery and allure of nature: its patterns, rhythms, and harmony. Photographs of tree rings in cyanotype and iron oxide create mysterious and ethereal images that explore the elemental and sacred.

Visionary artist, activist, and Board Member Pam Goncalves will present her “Urban Ladies” series of graphically manipulated drawings of stunning women of color. This powerful series features a symbolic color palette embellished by a mosaic-like sensibility, giving these beautiful portraits of women a sense of true dignity and royalty.

Latina artist, educator, and Board Member Raquel Bauman will include her colorful atmospheric collage works using crepe-paper, lace, and other natural materials. Both narrative and poetic, these works speak to her Spanish roots and childhood growing up in Texas.

Architect and Board Member Tim Hess will feature his recent architectural studies that respond to downtown Maynard’s Cultural District. Architecture, public art, landscape, and infrastructure are transformed holistically into a new vision for the built environment.

ArtSpace Partner Jason Daniels, founder of the 100-Second International Film Festival, will premiere for the first time selections of this well-established, one-of-a-kind film festival.

ArtSpace’s Youth Leadership Arts Program (YLAP) will showcase recent collaborative paintings and person canvases that reveal the members’ evolving skills and talents.

An image from Pam Goncalves’s series, “Urban Ladies” 

“For the first time in its twenty-year history, ArtSpace will have an exhibition showcasing its talented team of diverse leaders. It made sense to bring together the leaders who are launching a new vision of ArtSpace as a community-building, artists-run organization. In the future, this new gallery space will support New England-based artists and creatives working in all mediums.”

Jerry Beck,
Executive Director

Joel Bourgeois with his "Copper Critters" installation

Joel Bourgeois stands with his installation, “Copper Critters”