Acme Theater is a non-profit community theater supported by its patrons and a dedicated group of volunteers who help for the love of the arts. In addition to their all-volunteer Board of Directors who handle the business aspect of running a theater, their operation is kept moving onward and upward by the steadfast work of folks (affectionately known as “misfits”) willing to lend a bit of their time to build sets, sell concessions, search for props and costumes, and help them create productions that will delight audiences from all over the Northeast.

Want to know more? Visit our website,, for the latest in production news, auditions, ticket sales, and volunteering opportunities. Come be a part of something special!


Acme Theater is proud to be the home of the Acme Improv Company! If you are familiar with the television program Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you are familiar with improvisational comedy…making the laughs up as you go along! Starting with suggestions provided by the audience, the Acme Improv Company will generate scenes, games and laughs that are fun for the whole family.
The troupe is made up of some of the funniest performers in the Metrowest area, brought together to entertain one and all. Every show is guaranteed to be different, unpredictable, and a wild ride!

Acme Improv Company performs six shows throughout the course of the season. For more information, visit

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